Ultimate Guide on Weed in Venice

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Planning a journey to Italy soon, and you’re in search of weed in Venice?  Bother no more! Keep reading as further in the text we`re going to provide you with all of the information on Weed in Venice.

As for the city, it is known as Europe`s tourist gem. It is one of the few places on earth that is practically floating on water as it has more than 100 islands, all connected with bridges!

Cannabis Law in Venice

Cannabis laws in Venice

Weed in Italy is decriminalized and even cultivated for medical purposes under the supervision of the Italian army.

We can say that Roman or even Milan Police react slightly milder when it comes to processing tourists, but all in all, Italian law is pretty harsh when it comes to weed. According to it, you may possess a personal amount and all above that is punishable.

The problem is that no one knows what is a personal amount. Before Berlusconi, it was known that small amount refers to 1.5 gram of weed or 0.5 grams of hash, but now, the prosecutor or the police determine that.

So, in the worst-case scenario, that means you may get marked as a dealer (reseller) if you just carried around your big fat morning blunt. If that really happens, you can expect serious penalties in forms of a fine – up to 75 000 euros and 2-6 years of prison time.

Best advice is not to carry weed around if you don`t have to.

For example, if you get caught with a small quantity of weed for the first time and you`re not marked as a dealer,  you`ll probably get out with a warning. If you manage to get caught twice, there are no more warnings for you, unfortunately, only fines.

They may even take your passport and force you to stay in the country until you`re prosecuted in front of the judge.

Almost 90% of the drugs taken by the police is a weed, and that brings a big question mark in Italian society. Should they finally legalize or not? According to the research carried out by the Italian Anti-Drug Administration, almost 25% percent of teens said that they consumed Marijuana in 2016. And the trend continued in 17` and 18`. Italian teens are today 2nd in Europe in terms of consuming Cannabis.

Where to Buy Weed in Venice

Places to buy weed in Venice

Most of the dealers you`ll find in Venice are immigrants from Libya, Morroco and Tunisia. A big portion of them sells low – quality hash from Morroco or Afganistan.

Be careful, because dealers over there, especially immigrant ones, are prone to ripping off tourists

Weed can be also found around Campo Santa Margherita. It is a known gathering place for local Venician students and young people. Definitely try your luck over there and ask someone for directions.

You can try a phrase like “ Borei un po derba” . If they know anything about weed, they should understand you. Remember to be polite and discreet.

Another location you may try while in search of weed in Venice is around the main train station. Take care as it is known that police with sniffing dogs often scouts places like Martherita and Mestre (Main Station Area).

Campo Santa and Mestre are known as the “centres of drugs” in Venice

Your best approach to find weed in Venice is to go outside of it. There is a nearby place with a long beach called Lido di Venezia where you may find your luck. It is full of hotels, bars and restaurants where you can ask some of the waiters or locals.

The best thing about buying weed outside of Venice is that it is not so crowded with police and you may feel a little bit safer, and the safest approach is to meet some locals.

Weed Prices in Venice

As for the actual weed in Venice, there is not much of it. Most of the dealers over there sell hashish. Similar to Rome, Morrocan hash is the most frequent one in Venice. If you get the opportunity, remember to negotiate about the price, you never know how low is the dealer willing to go.

Remember to see before you pay!

Price per gram can vary a lot, it really depends on the dealer you meet. If you`re a tourist you can be happy if you pay around 10 euros for a gram of hash, or if you`re lucky even weed.

Other Information

Venice is really great for a high journey, but it can all plummet down in a moment. Be very careful while smoking weed, and especially while buying it because the police is waiting for the classic tourist rookie mistakes to take it upon to you.

There are a lot of places where you can find weed in Venice, but there may be one where the only thing you can find is prison time.

Be extra careful and safe tokes!

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