Ultimate Guide on Weed in Rome

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If you happen to get a chance to travel through Italy don`t forget to visit the historic city of Rome. Rome is a beautiful city located on the west coast in the center of Italy. It is a capital city with more than 2,5 million people living over there. Rome is full of ancient and majestic beauties like it was in the old times, and we’re sure those are even better to see after you get your hands on some good quality weed in Rome.

Keep reading this article as we’re going to provide you with the best information about where to get weed in Rome!

Cannabis Law in Rome

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Italy is one of the first countries that decriminalized and legalized medical marijuana in Europe. Weed is produced and cultivated near Florence under Italian Army supervision because in Italy army is responsible for producing medications for rare diseases that are illegal in a free market. Drug penalties for weed are way smaller than before. In 2014. Italian government removed tickets for first – time offenders and reduced them for repeated offenders.

People are really pro-active about cannabis in Italy but since weed is a main source of money for the black market, read Mafia, that activity lacks results. If you happen to get caught with a small amount of weed, don`t worry because you will probably get away with a simple warning. Here is an interesting discussion about weed culture in Italy.

Where to buy weed in Rome

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While walking through Rome searching for weed, remember that people in Rome are really cannabis friendly. With that on the mind, try to approach any young people and discretely ask them where to find weed.

If you happen to have no luck or you`re just uncomfortable with finding someone you can ask for weed, there are of course places where you can expect to be approached by dealers trying to sell you weed. A lot of Moroccans sell their hash on the popular places in Rome, like bridges and monuments that are all around Rome. If you see one, try to make eye contact and he`ll probably approach you already knowing what you need.

Best chances are if you try your luck near Ponte Sisto bridge in Rome`s historic center or Pigneto, a multicultural neighborhood with a lot of alternative oriented people spending their day there that happen to smoke a lot of weed.

Other places to score weed:

  • San Calisto bar
  • Santa Maria (Trastevere)
  • District of San Lorenzo
  • Termini station

While searching for weed in Rome, be careful. There are rumors that a lot of scammers and not trustable dealers like to spend their time and lurk for potential tourist to rip off over there.

Weed prices in Rome

When buying weed in Rome, especially from Moroccans, remember to negotiate about the price. If you happen to deal with a Moroccan, if he says that the price is 20 euros, you can say you have only 10 with you, and it`ll probably work or if not, try with other dealers.

As weed is not so popular In Rome, Moroccans are one of the nations that almost specializes in selling marijuana in Italy, or to be correct, hash. Hash is often smuggled by them or their people from Morocco to Italy, and finally, Rome where it is called Moroccan Hash.

In most cases a gram of hash is 10 EUR, while you can get it cheaper or more expensive, it depends on you and your dealer. You can get 5-10 gram bar of mid to high – quality hash for around 50 – 60 EUR.

Other information

If you want to get weed in Rome just go to places that have a lot of tourists over there, because if there are tourists, there are Moroccans, and Moroccans are most likely to have hash on them. Don`t try to buy weed, because it is not so popular in Rome as hash is.

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