Getting & Smoking Weed in Porto (2019)

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Visiting the magnificent Portuguese city of Porto? Wondering where to find weed in Porto? Well, you’re in luck!

Porto is the second-largest city of Portugal that radiates with much more authenticity and tradition than Lisbon. It is a fascinating and vibrant port city that is quickly increasing its reputation as one of the most respected tourist destinations in Western Europe.

Porto is full of variety, featuring both historical and modern locales in one package. Also, it is popular for the production of Port wine, which is incredibly tasty.

Keep on reading to find out more about the regulation of cannabis and how to score some weed in Porto!

Cannabis Laws in Porto

The laws regarding cannabis in Porto are pretty light, as it is decriminalized since 2001.

In 2001, Portugal decriminalized the possession of small amounts of drugs, including cannabis. This change was implemented to fight the drug addiction epidemic that started in Portugal in the 1970s. The government first severely punished the addicts. After they realized that they were just doing a negative impact, it was time for a change. This change turned out to be quite a positive one!

What further established the position of cannabis in Portuguese society is the celebration of the Global Marijuana March in 2007. Now, each individual may possess 2,5 grams of weed for personal use per day, and 0,5 grams of hashish per day legally. If you have more than that amount, you may be labeled as a cannabis trafficker. Police won’t give you a hard time if you manage to get caught with more weed. They will most likely confiscate it and let you be on your way. In some cases, you may spend a night in jail, but you will be let go without a fine.

In Portugal, the sale and cultivation of cannabis plants and seeds is still illegal. So, most of the weed is imported from Spain, and hashish is imported from Morocco.

When in Porto, just make sure not to smoke in public places where police can question you. Other than that, smoking the herb in Porto is care-free!

Where to Get Weed in Porto

Ribeira Square is a great place to start your search for weed in Porto.

The best way to score cannabis in Porto is to have a connection. If you are not that lucky, don’t worry! There are a lot of places where you can score cannabis on your own!

A great place to start your search is Ribeira Square that is located near the riverside. This is a popular part of Porto, with restaurants and coffee shops on every corner. Walk around this part of Porto, and you will soon find the dealers that are usually young Moroccan men. Just approach them and ask if they have weed.

Another awesome place to look for marijuana in Porto is the Cordoaria Park. Lots of young people hang out at this sport, which usually smoke weed too. Also, lots of dealers hang out at this park.

There is one more place where you can check out if there is cannabis. It is a local bar called Piolho. It is next to Praca de Cordoaria. There are a lot of students there, so just approach them and ask them about weed.

So, even if you don’t have connections, getting your hands on the fruity herb shouldn’t be complicated!

Cannabis Prices in Porto

You will most often use these two banknotes when buying weed in Porto.

Just one thing to have in mind: always be careful when buying weed on the street and ask to see the goodies before buying. That way, you will know that you aren’t getting scammed and that you are buying the good stuff.

You can buy good hashish that you can roll in 4-5 joints from 5-7 Euros. Also, some dealers on the riverside are selling pre-rolls for variable prices.

You can find weed of variable quality for 10 Euros for 5 grams.

Also, make sure to know some common terms for cannabis in Porto. These are Erva and Ganza.

So, now that you know more about cannabis in Porto, we invite you to enjoy this lovely city right on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean with some greenery too!

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