Ultimate Guide on Weed in Paris

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So, you’re finally going to Paris! The city of spectacular skylines and ancient history. You must be so excited to explore the beauties of this city, but you’re missing something? Well, we hope we are thinking about the same thing!

High-quality weed in Paris can be tough to find, but if you have the right information, everything can be easy and fast.

Cannabis Law in Paris

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Marijuana is currently not legal in France, but there is a lot of fuzz about the legality of cannabis right now. Cannabis is approved and legal for medical purposes only. As you can imagine police is not so strict about it if you don’t take it too far, so they have to arrest you.

If you get caught while smoking, you could probably excuse yourself or get away with a symbolic fine and a charge for possession. That is perhaps the reason you may find people smoking openly outside. We advise you to be discreet about weed and smoke only in private spaces, so you’re not troubling anyone.

In worst cases, if you have more than 10 grams, or you were caught with the intention to sell you are going to end up in court for possession of Cannabis and probably get a release with a warning. Don’t rely on this as the French law could sentence you to one year in jail and expect to pay a fine up to 10,000 EUR.

If you plan to smoke outside remember that the police is doing their job and that they are scouting for people like you. They are always on bikes or in cars so you should not smoke in a place outside with bike lanes or nearby roads like public parks where they do their regular checks, also avoid hanging out in hoods and dark alleys.

Where to Buy Cannabis in Paris?

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A couple of years back when there were not so many immigrants in France so you could get high-quality weed all around Paris and nowadays you have to go to the suburbs or the edges of Paris to search for something like that. After the flood of immigrants in Europe, they brought their hash with themselves which is by western standards low quality for very high prices.

There are a lot of places in Paris where you can score your weed and a lot of places where you can get ripped off. Go on a lookout to places in Paris like Montmartre, Republique or St.Denis University.  St. Denis University is a great place to start scouting because there are a lot of young people who are willing to help. If you have a problem with finding people just got to a random basketball court and asked the guys over there. Remember to be discreet and polite!

Avoid the central park surrounding Eiffel Tower. Every night you’re going to find thousands of people roaming through the park beneath the tower. The park is massive and you’re probably going to have a chance to score weed over there but remind that it is a tourist place and that it is a workplace for scammers.  Don’t be surprised if you get a lower amount of weed than you agreed upon to or even get robbed.

Cannabis Prices in Paris

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Today if you know the right people you could probably find a 10g bar of good quality hash for 70 EUR while weed is very expensive, ranging from around 15-20 euros for a gram as a standard tourist price. If you happen to be the new guy in the town you’re probably going to be ripped off. Forget your hopes about smoking bud since you’re only going to find hash while staying in Paris. Prices are a big part of the ripoff mentioned earlier. The price for a bar of 1g low-quality cash will cost you around 30 euros in best scenario depending on who are you dealing with.

Other Information

Paris is indeed a city of lights and a city where people light. When it comes to weed, you should not worry about not finding it rather than that you should worry about overpaying it. There are a lot of people who smoke so do a bit of scouting first and be picky when it comes to buying weed in Paris.


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