Getting & Smoking Weed in Padova (2019)

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Visiting Padova soon? Wondering how easy it is to score weed in Padova? You have come to the right place then!

Padova (or Padua) is located in the Veneto region, some 30 kilometers north of Venice. It is a vibrant student city and is the home of the famous Padua University. Like every student city in Italy, it has a bustling nightlife scene.

What about weed in Padova? Well, scoring it may be a bit of a chore, as you will get the best deals if you have some local connections. Nevertheless, it is still possible to score cannabis there by classic means.

Keep on reading to find out more about cannabis laws in Padova and where to score cannabis there!

Cannabis Laws in Padova

Cannabis laws in Padova are pretty tolerant compared to the other cities of Italy.

In Italy, the authorities are looking at soft and hard drugs equally. These days, a new law is being discussed which should tolerate the personal consumption of cannabis. So, if you have 5 grams or less on yourself, that will be considered as cannabis for personal consumption. If you have more than that amount on yourself, you may be considered as a dealer and can get in legal trouble.

Regarding this situation in Padova, we can say that it is certainly weed-friendly. The police aren’t actively looking for smokers on the streets, as they have more important matters to address. As Padova is a student city, there are a lot of pot smokers, and thus, cannabis is more tolerated there than in other Italian cities.

Always be discreet as a tourist though, as there have been some reports of police issuing warnings or asking for fines. In some situations, people got their documents suspended by police. Other than that, the cannabis culture in Padova is pretty friendly!

Where to Get Weed in Padova

Piazza Delle Erbe is your best bet of scoring cannabis in Padova.

The best way to score pot in Padova is to have local connections, as they will hook you up on the best deals. If you don’t have connections, don’t worry, there are some places where you can surely score weed!

One of these places is Piazza Delle Erbe that is ironically called “The Square of the Herbs”. There, you will see many Moroccan guys by the fountain or under the porches surrounding the square. Just make eye contact with them and you will be able to negotiate a deal that works out the best for you. The quality of the cannabis you can get from these dealers is variable, so always ask to see what are you getting.

If you want to score better quality weed, approach some of the numerous students in Padova and ask them for some deals. Most of the students in Padova smoke pot, so it will be quite easy to score some from them.

Cannabis Prices in Padova

Cannabis prices in Padova are similar to those in other Italian cities.

You can get a gram of hashish imported from Morocco for 6-8 Euros per gram. Cannabis is a bit more expensive, as you will pay around 10-12 Euros per gram. Weed is also harder to get here if you don’t have a reliable connection.

Hash is more common in Padova than cannabis buds and the slang words for it are Pastazza, Aspiro, Nero, and Fumo. The slang words for weed are Erbone, Mari, and Jeja.

Now that you know where to score cannabis in Padova, there are some things that you should consider doing. Smoking weed in public isn’t such a major offense, just don’t do it too obviously. Cops won’t give you any problems if you are behaving like a normal human being and not doing any mess. We invite you to enjoy this wonderful and friendly Italian city!

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