Getting & Smoking Weed in Milan (2019)

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Milan, the economic powerhouse of Italy, is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and in the world. This city is compared a lot to Paris, thanks to its wonderful architecture that attracts visitors during each passing year. Surely, you will enjoy your visit to Milan even more if you manage to get your hands on some cannabis. So, here is a guide on how to get and smoke weed in Milan!

Cannabis Laws in Milan

Sometimes the police may enforce the cannabis laws in Milan.

Cannabis is illegal in Italy on paper. Like with many other European countries with the same laws, you will probably not get into much trouble if you have a small amount of weed on yourself. The law looks upon the personal consumption of cannabis as a criminal offense, and you will most likely get fined if you possess a small amount of weed on yourself. However, if you sell and grow weed in Milan, you might get into more serious trouble, including jail.

Medicinal marijuana is legal in Milan but comes with its limitations. A small number of patients can get prescriptions for pain relief. This system is not ideal, as only select few can taste the benefits of medicinal marijuana, but this is still a great step for overall cannabis legalization in Italy.

What about smoking weed in Milan? Milan is very high when it comes to weed tolerance compared to the other cities in Italy. Still, if you are a visitor, we don’t recommend smoking weed on the public places, as you may get approached by police more easily. Instead, opt for smoking in secluded spots, like in Sempione Park; or at the comfort of home.

Where to Get Weed in Milan

Sempione Park is an ideal place to look for weed in Milan.

The easiest way to get weed in Milan is knowing someone who knows that someone. If you’re not in that situation, then street dealers are your best choice. Weed and hash are quite popular in Milan. Hash is more popular here and is easier to get than pure weed buds. If you want to find weed in Milan, you need to find the right dealer. Mostly, you will find Moroccan has with variable quality. Don’t expect Amsterdam quality of weed here! You can find three variants of the hash in Milan: black (nero), chocolate (cioccolato) and brown (morocco).

A place to look out for when trying to score cannabis in Milan is Sempione Park, located behind the Sforzesco’s Castle. This park is very close to the city center. Look for Arab looking guys there that you can find sitting under the trees and on benches. Ask for fumo (hash). A thing of notice: lookout for policemen in civilian uniforms and hidden cameras around the park.

Cannabis Prices in Milan

Cannabis prices in Milan are reasonable.

The average price that you will pay for marijuana in Milan is 10 euros. You will get one gram of Moroccan hash for that price. Prices vary though and greatly depend on the quality and the dealer. Five grams cost 50 euros, and you can expect better quality for that price.

Enjoy your stay in Milan and happy smoking! 🙂

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