Getting & Smoking Weed in Medellin (2019)

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Medellin, the second-largest city in Colombia, is slowly becoming a tourist and expat hotspot in South America. It’s interesting that 25 years ago you could read about Medellin in every news, but in a very different tone – it was the most dangerous city in the world during Pablo Escobar reign. Nowadays, the city of Medellin is known by its hipster community, hordes of tourists around the world and lively expat community. 

Colombia legalized medical cannabis, but recreational use is still prohibited. Police don’t enforce the law much, especially if you’re not connected to the organized distribution of cannabis. Possession and growing of small amount of cannabis is decriminalized and some believe that Colombia is next who’s going to fully legalize cannabis in the following years

As a tourist destination, Medellin is perfect for short or long-term visits. The city is usually called ‘the place of eternal spring’ and when you combine a pleasant climate with countless natural attractions, history heritage sites and a cultural hotspot, you get an ideal place to visit. Locals and tourists tend to openly smoke cannabis in some places which gave us an impression it’s easy to get your hands on a good quality weed in Medellin. 

Continue reading if you’re looking to figure out the best places to get weed in Medellin and more:

Cannabis Law in Medellin

Laws irelated to weed aren't so strict but police is very corrupt
Medical cannabis is legal while recreational use is still regulated but decriminalized. We can expect Colombia to be the next South American country with a full legalization status.

To keep it short and on point, consumption and commercial distribution of cannabis is strictly illegal and can land you in a prison. Medical cannabis is legalized in 2015. and the whole country can legally grow for domestic use and exports although it’s very regulated. People with serious health conditions can get a medical permit that allows them to legally buy and consume medical cannabis in a private space. 

When it comes to recreational smoking, the government legalized and decriminalized possession of up to 20 grams, if proven to be for personal use. If you get caught having no more than 20 grams on you, the fine can get up to 200,000 pesos ($60).

For bigger amounts, you can expect to be prosecuted. For instance, having more than 1,000 grams can land you 1 to 3 years in prison. If you get caught with the intent to sell, you can expect up to 30 years in prison which is one of the highest sentences in the world for cannabis distribution. 

Anyway, weed in Medellin is almost legal which means possession of up to 20 grams and having up to 20 plants is legal. Police started to crack on cannabis users lately, so if they find any amount of weed on you they’ll probably fine you and confiscate the amount.

Where to Get Weed in Medellin

Getting weed in Medellin is pretty easy

Since Medellin became a huge tourist destination, there are a countless party or backpacker’s hostels around the city. If you don’t know anyone and just arrived in a beautiful city, the best way to get weed and meet some interesting people is by checking some of the party hostels around Medellin.

Through our research, we collected a few hostels where you can definitely get your hands on some potent bud:

  • Selina Medellin
  • Purple Monkey Hostel
  • The Wandering Paisa

Since the legal industry is booming and Colombia is slowly going in the direction of a full-legalization, there are many grow shops that sell fertilizers, grow and smoke equipment. Also, in these beautiful places, you can easily get your hands on very potent cannabis that they cultivate. 

Here are a few grow shops where you can definitely score some good cannabis: 

  • How High Smoke Shop (El Poblado neighborhood)
  • Santa Fe CC (Tienda de Cola)
  • Cannabico Smoke Shop

If you’re exploring the city as a tourist, you can expect to get approached by many taxi drivers or locals shouting at you ‘marijuana’ or ‘cannabis’. We advise passing on that since there are various options to get your hands on a very good weed without hustling on a street. 

People who’re planning to live in Medellin for a longer period should think of growing their own plants since it’s legal to have up to 20 plants.

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Cannabis Prices in Medellin

Since the cultivation of cannabis is legal and there are many grow shops around the city, weed prices vary depending on the quality, quantity and connections (as everywhere). You can expect to pay up to $50 for an ounce of high quality, home-grown weed in Medellin. 

It’s advisable to use your common sense since Colombia still struggles with the corruption of low-level officers. Use cannabis discretely and you won’t encounter problems. Have a blast in Medellin! 


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