Getting & Smoking Weed in Marseille (2019)

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Visiting the French coast soon? Wondering about how to find weed in Marseille? This is the place where you will get your answers!

Marseille is the second-most populous city in France located on the Proven├žal coastline. Some years back, Marseille has been considered as a black sheep of this coastline, because of its reputation for crime. From 2013, this city has become a more popular destination as it has slowly established its own style.

Forget the numerous attractions its neighboring cities have. Marseille offers an authentic mix of French and African culture, with lots of street art and outdoor terraces. Either you will love it, or you will hate it.

Keep on reading to find out more about cannabis laws in Marseille and where to score cannabis here!

Cannabis Laws in Marseille

RThe regular police officers in Marseille won't give you much problems regarding weed.

In France, all drugs are illegal, including cannabis. You can get up to 10 years of jail time for possessing any drug on yourself. With cannabis, it’s a bit different. If you get caught with weed on yourself, you can get fined (56-1680 Euros) and risk the sentence of two months to one year of jail.

One funny thing about the drug laws in France is that drug users, including cannabis users, are labeled as “sick”. Sick people cannot go to jail. So, drug users can ask to be treated for their “sickness”, effectively avoiding jail time. Most of the people sent to treatment are evaluated as being normal folk who happen to use a forbidden plant. Because of that, police lose interest in pursuing weed smokers. Also, most local officials don’t want to spend money on a flawed system.

In Marseille, just look out for the border police called Douaniers. They operate on their own terms and most often ask you for a fine if you get caught with up to 20 grams of cannabis. The regular police, Gendarmes don’t have the right to search you, so they can either write a warning or detain you for a while.

The rule of the thumb is, if you have a small amount of weed on yourself, the police will just take it away from you. So, make sure to smoke in places where there are no cops around.

Where to Get Weed in Marseille

You can definitely score some weed at the St. Charles Train Station.

The easiest way to find cannabis in Marseille is to check out the ghetto areas. You won’t get ripped off by the dealers there, as most of the people in the ghettos earn money mainly from selling hashish and weed. Don’t worry about the quality either, as hashish in Marseille is one of the best in the world. Just walk in a stairwell, and you will see a line of people of all ages, waiting for the same stuff you do.

If you worry about your safety in these ghettos, don’t. Most dealers here are organized. They don’t want their potential clients to be robbed, and most of these folks have security around their areas. Just look out for African guys and they will probably have what you need.

Parks are a great lead for weed in Marseille, as you will probably smell cannabis there.

Also, train stations are a good choice if you don’t have any connections. Young people usually hang out at St. Charles Train Station and may be able to score some cannabis for you.

As always, check out the weed before you buy it. Most of the time, you won’t get ripped off.

Cannabis Prices in Marseille

Cannabis prices in Marseille are very reasonable.

You will mostly find hashish on sale in Marseille. If you want to find some high-quality weed, you may run into a bit of a hustle. The prices for Moroccan or Afghani hash is 10$ per gram. This is a decent-quality hash, easy to break and no chemical taste. The slang word for hash in Marseille is Teushi. You can also get lower-quality hash for 5$ per gram.

The prevalent strain is called commercial, known also as shit, milka or chocos. You can get it for 26$-30$ for 10-15 grams.

In Marseille, you can find hashish on virtually every corner, while for weed, you will need to hustle a bit. There are reports that you can score 28 grams of high-quality weed for 100$ from indoor growers.

Marseille is full of pot smokers that seem to pay no attention to the laws. Well, this law is really flawed, so it’s no wonder. Anyway, we hope that you enjoy this vibrant city on the beautiful French coastline!

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