Getting & Smoking Weed in Kuala Lumpur (2019)

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Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and its largest city. It is well-known for its marvelous skyline full of skyscrapers, colonial buildings, lots of nature and friendly locals. This city feels more like a western city than an Asian city due to the increased number of expats in the last few years. The cosmopolitan city is full of surprises on every corner, and it will take some time to explore it all! What about weed in Kuala Lumpur? Can you get it as easy as in its neighboring country, Thailand?

Keep on reading to find out more about cannabis regulations and where to get cannabis in Kuala Lumpur!

Cannabis Laws in Kuala Lumpur

Cannabis laws in Kuala Lumpur are very harsh, and are enforced by police.

Malaysia is infamous for having one of the strictest drug laws on the globe. Convicted drug traffickers get an automatic death penalty. So, if you have 200 grams of marijuana or more on yourself, you are immediately labeled as a drug trafficker. If you get caught by police with 50 grams or less on you, you will get a sentence of a minimum 10 years of jail.

One incident including a 29-year old man who got the death penalty has woke up Malaysian people to discuss legalizing medical cannabis in their country.

So, the law is strict on paper, but is it like that in practice? If you have 20 grams of weed on you, you may get one night of prison. Also, you can try bribing your way out; but remember, Malaysian police isn’t so corrupt as their colleagues in neighboring Thailand.

You should definitely watch out with cannabis in Kuala Lumpur. Police are always on a lookout, and some of them are looking for tourists only to get extra money out of bribes. We advise you to smoke in your accommodation to avoid unnecessary problems with the authorities.

Where to Get Weed in Kuala Lumpur

The Golden Triangle is your best bet in finding weed in Kuala Lumpur.

As the drug laws are really harsh here in Kuala Lumpur, getting some cannabis may be a time-consuming task.

One lead is the Golden Triangle area. You may find a lot of guys who want to arrange prostitutes who may have weed on themselves. Always leave place for some foreplay talk and the conversation will eventually end up on the weed topic. Don’t give your accommodation info to these people, as there is always possibility that they may report you to the police.

Other places to try your luck are nightclubs. Nightclubs have a lot of dealers inside, so just try hinting on what you want. Watch out for the undercover cops too, as they are aplenty in Kuala Lumpur!

Also, another place where you could score weed in Kuala Lumpur is the Chow Kit Market. There, cannabis is available 24/7, you just need to look harder. We don’t recommend going there after dark as this is the area of KL with the highest crime rate. Go to the fruit stalls and look for the guys who will make eye contact with you. Just nod and walk away to a less crowded place, if someone follows you, you will be able to score some weed. Make sure to get out of there ASAP afterward.

Cannabis Prices in Kuala Lumpur

Weed prices in Kuala Lumpur start from 10 MYR.

Most dealers in Kuala Lumpur will offer you packs for 10 MYR (2,5$), which doesn’t contain enough cannabis for even one fair joint. Make sure to up your bargain skills here, as the dealers here measure weed based on the size of our palm.

There are some reports of people paying 100$ for 5 grams of medium quality weed. You can always bargain a better deal though.

The cannabis strain in KL is called C-H-W-W-A-G. It is mostly imported cannabis for Thailand which isn’t that strong. You may need to smoke a few joints to get a decent high.

As always, if you manage to get a local connection, you can get better weed for a fairer price.

Make sure to be extra careful if you want to smoke cannabis in Malaysia. The laws are really strict, and if you don’t manage to pay the bribe if you get caught, you may get a hefty jail sentence or even a death penalty. Nevertheless, please enjoy Kuala Lumpur, as it is an amazing, cosmopolitan city!

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