Ultimate Guide on Weed in Dubai

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So you finally have everything planned, hotels and plane ticket booked and it’s real – you’re going to Dubai. It’s one of the Emirates in UAE which is the most popular by luxury, shopping malls, modern architecture, human-made islands, fast cars and crazy nightlife. There are many things to explore and experience in Dubai, and it’s natural to ask if smoking weed in Dubai is commonly used.

Well, keep reading as we’re going to provide you with the ultimate guide on getting and smoking weed in Dubai.

Cannabis Law in Dubai

Dubai skyline

Dubai, like the other six Emirates, has the universal applied law when it comes to cannabis. In one word, the UAE is a police state which means the laws could be stringent, but it depends on the city. In Dubai, the police is very well equipped with the knowledge, and they have an effective organization partially because Dubai is a global city and partially because of their culture.

It’s not uncommon that foreigners are arrested for drugs during their time in Dubai. It’s the reality there, and if you get caught, you can expect really, really hard time with the officials.

It’s a very interesting fact that Dubai is an attractive tourist city that has zero-tolerance to any activity related to drugs and they are listing cannabis as a drug too. They went really far and started public campaigns in an attempt to reduce drug use of people in the city. According to some statistics, there are over 90% of all prisoners because of drug-related activities.

The police don’t care if you’re a foreigner or local if caught with any drug. For instance, if you get caught with the smallest amount of cannabis on you, then you can expect to get around 4 years in prison. That’s only for possession!

If you get caught in trafficking activities, then you’re literally in deep trouble. You can get up to 25 years or even you can be executed by fire squad. Just to take note, executing is very rare and on average, one person is executed per year.

There is an interesting case where a British man was sentenced to a death penalty because he tried to sell 20 grams of cannabis to an undercover cop. Can you imagine that?

All being said, it’s not recommended to smoke weed in Dubai, but… If you’d like to risk because you merely love cannabis, there is a way, but you should be very careful!

Where to Buy Cannabis in Dubai

Getting weed on Dubai streets

Since police is very organized and they can do random searches on the street if they think you’re high and take into the account that their laws are notorious, it’s not a strange thing that weed is scarce and overpriced.

Anyway, you can still score a decent weed mainly from Africa and Asia. There are few places where street dealers are easy to find, but police also know about these places. The places where weed could be found are called Naif in Deira, and another place is bordering to Deira district which is called Al Baraha.

These two places are usually known for its red-light district and fair nightlife scene, so it’s logical that you’ll also stumble upon many police officers and who knows how many undercovers.

Your best bet to score a decent weed without being caught is by having a friend who is local and who is smoking. It may be a bit hard, but if you’re in that situation, then, we would say, you’re in a pretty good position for a weed lover.

Many people take short trips to neighbor countries like Oman, Iran or even India and they smoke some cannabis during their stay there. If you take the same approach, please don’t bring any weed with you!

Cannabis Prices in Dubai

Cannabis bud

As the weed is very restricted and scarce, it’s logical that prices may go through the roof. The fact is that you won’t find high-quality cannabis in Dubai and you will certainly overpay your weed. For instance, the average price for tola (the local name for ten grams) varies from $100 – $200 (500 AED).

So, the question is – would you risk your freedom to get an overpaid, low-quality weed?

Other Information

Dubai is a beautiful city, but when it comes to weed, it’s definitely advisable not to smoke during your stay. You will overpay for low-quality cannabis and also, you’re highly risking your freedom.

Dubai has so many things, attractions and activities to do and you probably won’t even think about weed during your stay!

Wish you a fantastic trip!


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