Getting & Smoking Weed in Cape Town (2019)

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Visiting the sun-soaked capital of South Africa? Wondering where to find weed in Cape Town? You are in the right place then!

Cape Town is, hands down, one of the most beautiful cities on the globe. One of the most liveable urban cities on the world sits just beside the Atlantic Ocean and in the shadow of the magnificent Table Mountain. It features just everything that a foreign visitor might want – pristine white beaches and a cool urban edge. It is a city of artists, foodies, and much more.

In what better way can you soak in the awesomeness of Cape Town other than smoking a nice fat joint?

Keep on reading to find out more about the cannabis regulations in South Africa and how to score it in Cape Town!

Cannabis Laws in Cape Town

Cannabis laws in Cape Town allow its people to cultivate weed indoors.

From September 2018, it is finally legal to grow, own, and consume weed in your private space, for personal consumption. This marked the end of the strict cannabis laws that were in motion since 1922. This new law also allows people to smoke in their car or carry cannabis in their bags, as these can also be labeled as “private spaces”. You can also smoke with friends and family legally, as long as you all are 18 years old or more.

Well, this law still doesn’t prescribe what amount is allowed for personal consumption. It gave the parliament 2 years to decide on these amounts, starting from the passing of the cannabis laws. So, for now, it is up to the local authorities to decide what amounts are too much to be considered as an intent to sell.

Police in Cape Town tends to target weed growers and cultivators, and don’t touch smokers a lot. Watch out for ADT guys, who are essentially main security police. You can find them driving in cars, on bikes, and on foot.

The weed laws in South Africa are currently in a huge grey, as it is up to individual police officers to decide on the punishments. You can use cannabis for recreational or medicinal purposes, alone, or with your friends and family in the private spaces. The main requirement is that you are at least 18 years old.

If you want to grow cannabis in Cape Town, do so in reasonable amounts. You can buy and sell cannabis health supplements, but other than that, buying and selling are not legal.

Where to Get Weed in Cape Town

Long Street is one of the leads if you want to get your hands on street-grade cannabis.

The problem with the current cannabis laws is how to get your hands on it legally. These days, a lot of online operators have popped up to fill the void.

One of the best online cannabis services in Cape Town is 420 Monkeys. They have an online shop with a menu featuring Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains. They also have a delivery service, which is really handy and safe.

Another online service in Cape Town is The Haze Club. They can grow the weed for you and then deliver it to your doorstep. You can buy cannabis seeds and then they will cultivate cannabis for you for 12-14 months.

If you want to get your hands on some street weed in Cape Town, your best bet is Long Street, located in the city center. Be wary there, as most dealers may try to rip you off.

Another nice place to score street weed is Observatory neighborhood. Seek for people hanging outside of the numerous bars, your best bet are the loud bars on the south side of Lower Main Road. Just say that you want skunk and you will get a nice deal for sure!

Cannabis Prices in Cape Town

Cannabis prices in Cape Town are really awesome!

If you are buying from an online store like 420 Monkeys, expect to pay 3$ for a gram of outdoor-grown weed and 10$ for indoor-grown weed.

Price for skunk weed on the street range from 10$ per gram, but you can also bargain a discounted price of 7$ per gram.

If you want to join the cannabis cultivation and delivery club, such as the Haze Club, their monthly membership fee is 65$, which includes growing the herb for you.

Anyway, stick to private spaces when smoking cannabis in Cape Town, and make sure to pay attention to police when scoring weed there. Anyway, we invite you to enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

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