Getting & Smoking Weed in Buenos Aires (2019)

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Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and its political and economical center. This is one of those really unique cities. It is a lovely combination of European glamour and South American elegance that make it stand out. After all, it isn’t called the “Paris of the South” without a good reason. Buenos Aires is a very cosmopolitan city and is definitely a must-visit if you are going to South America. What about weed in Buenos Aires? Is it easy to score and how safe is it to smoke weed there?

Keep on reading to find out about the cannabis legislation and where to score cannabis in Buenos Aires!

Cannabis Laws in Buenos Aires

Cannabis laws in Buenos Aires are really friendly to foreign visitors.

Since 2009, cannabis in Argentina is decriminalized for personal use in small amounts and for consumption in private places. The sale, transportation, and cultivation are still illegal. So, if you are a tourist coming to Buenos Aires, you can be at ease as cannabis is generally acceptable to young adults of Buenos Aires. You will not get in any legal trouble as long as you don’t have more than five grams of weed on yourself.

Medical cannabis is also legal, just in a form of CBD oil though.

The enforcement of cannabis laws in Buenos Aires hugely depends on the weather season. During the winter, the city is generally empty, and there are fewer police officers around. The summer season is the tourist season, so that means more people, and more police presence. Smoking in public is discouraged as there are undercover cops around. Many people still smoke in public places (such as streets and parks) and do so at their own risk.

If you want to smoke weed in Buenos Aires, make sure to do so on the beaches in the southern part of the city that are less populated, and much safer.

Where to Get Weed in Buenos Aires

You can score some nice weed in the Palermo district of Buenos Aires.

First of all, Buenos Aires doesn’t have epic quality weed. The good thing is that it’s really easy to find.

When you are looking for cannabis in Buenos Aires, it is good to know a few phrases that may land you better deals. Flores is the name for intact buds and this is some decent weed. Paraguayo is a brick weed that comes from Paraguay and it is poor quality weed. Porro and Fasso are slangs for weed and a joint.

A great cannabis lead for any tourist coming to Buenos Aires is hostel receptionists or bartenders around the city. The people here are very friendly to tourists, so they will probably give you a few hints on where you can score weed.

Also, every Monday night, the La Bomba del Tiempo takes place at the Konex center in Almagro district. It is a professional percussion show that is full of the sweet delicious herb. You may be offered some brownies, space cakes, and sweet ganja on this event. This is a great place to score some cannabis in Buenos Aires.

Also, make sure to trust your senses when it comes to smelling cannabis. During the day, you may meet a lot of public smokers in the parks of Palermo district, large plazas, and side streets. When it’s nighttime, check out popular bars and nightclubs for some herb. Make sure to trust your intuition on this one, as there is always a small chance that you may run into undercover cops.

Young adults generally know where to score cannabis in Buenos Aires, so always go into interactions in a friendly and an open-minded manner.

Cannabis Prices in Buenos Aires

Cannabis prices in Buenos Aires are surprisingly cheap!

Cannabis is generally imported to Buenos Aires from the jungles of Paraguay. There, it is cultivated outdoors and pressed into bricks which severely reduces the quality of weed. It certainly isn’t the best weed you will smoke, but it is definitely dirt-cheap. You can easily get 20 grams of this brick weed for 10$! Some reports say that you can even get a deal of 40 grams for 20$!

If you want high-quality weed, expect to pay 50$ for 28 grams.

As always, trust your intuition when dealing with street dealers and always trust your senses. Buenos Aires is a really relaxing and friendly city, so make sure to enjoy its lovely vibes!

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