Ultimate Guide on Weed in Bogota

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If you happen to get a chance to visit Colombia, do not forget to smoke the original Colombian weed in Bogota. It is a beautiful city and probably the world`s best place to buy weed next to Medellin. It is really cheap, but the quality varies a lot, from high to very low quality.

If you`re on a lookout for high-quality weed, you`re gonna need to spend some time searching.

The city of Bogota is filled with positive energy, and you definitely need to experience that while high as a kite.

Keep reading this Guide to Weed in Bogota as we are going to provide you with core information on how to get the best weed in Bogota.

Cannabis Law in Bogota

Skatepark in Bogota

Government is really all about cocaine and hard drugs over there. Since most of the drug abuse comes from hard drugs, weed is decriminalized and it is safe to consume and possess. Up until recently, there was no decriminalized weed in Colombia, but now you can carry up to 20 grams.

The downside of being a new guy in the town aka tourist is that the police will definitely try to search for you. The reason is, that they hope you have some hard drugs and that you will bribe them eventually.

Do not carry a lot of weed on yourself at any time. Carrying more than you need can cause suspicion that you`re a dealer – and it is a mess with the police then, expect around 100$ you`re going to eventually cash out to the policemen.

Advice from our user in Bogota:

Over here is this thing called ‘personal usage dose’. If you carry up to 20 grams of weed the police won`t bother with you. If they try to take weed from you, don`t give it to them. If you`re trying to score weed, meet the locals. They are the safest way of getting weed over here in Bogota.

Where to Get Weed in Bogota

Graphitti in Bogota

While in Bogota, the whole town is practically a coffee shop. Everyone in Bogota, either have some weed or know someone who has.

Most popular outdoor-grown strains of weed in Bogota are Colombian Gold and Red Point, which is considered a higher-quality weed.


You can try looking at a place called Hippie Park. It is on the crossroad with 7th Avenue and Calle 60. There are a lot of shady people over there, but on the other hand, there are a lot of dealers over there.

Another good location is National University in Bogota. Go over there and be on a lookout, you`re going to smell some weed soon after you come there.

If you`re having difficulties with language, use Google Translate, or a phrase like “Me regalas un plón?” – which can seal the deal in a short time.

They are often rasta people already smoking weed even before you approach them.

Other locations you may take your luck on:

  • Downtown
  • Suba
  • Tunal
  • Places in the south of Bogota

Prices of Weed in Bogota


You can get two types of weed in Bogota. First one is indoor grown, that is often high – quality weed. It is called Cripi. Prices are also remarkably cheap, even for high – quality weed. Expect to pay around 3$ for high – quality Cripi weed.

If you`re on the lookout for this type, try to make friends with some locals. They are a great source of information and they are surely going to get you the best Cripi weed in Bogota.

Another type of weed in Bogota is Coro. It is grown outdoors out of Bogota and it is often lesser quality than Cripi. On the other hand, it has its own magic because it is really low potent.

Another good thing about Coro is that it is really cheap. A gram of Coro weed in Bogota is going to cost you from around half a dollar, or even less if you buy in bulk.

Literally, everyone knows where to get weed in Bogota. Try asking taxi driver, student or young people you see on the streets. Remember to be polite and discreet.

As we mentioned before, the quality is going to be low by default, you need to ask and search for high-quality Cripi weed.

Bulk buying in Bogota

If you buy on bulk, expect very low prices. A 30-gram bag of Coro Weed goes around for 25$.

High – quality Cripi Weed goes around for 50$ – 25-gram bag.

Other information

Regardless of what you saw on Narcos or other movies. Bogota is a pretty safe and one of the cheapest cities in the world.

If you`re a foreigner, everything will be very cheap for you, even weed. Colombia is really an incredible country, with urban cities to provide you with some of the greatest nights of your life to Amazon jungle and ancient forests. Enjoy your time and fly high!


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