Getting & Smoking Weed in Bern (2019)

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Visiting Bern soon and wondering where to score weed in Bern? You’re at the right place for that!

Bern is the capital of Switzerland which is rather small and tranquil. It is situated on the Aare river, and its medieval cobblestone streets provide lovely views over the river. Bern is full of museums, historic churches, and other historical buildings. Make sure to visit the Old Town area, that feels out of this world. Also, the nightlife in Bern is awesome, and you may get lucky when it comes to cannabis.

Experiencing the rich culture of Bern is surely better with some weed.

Keep on reading to find out more about cannabis legislation and where to find marijuana in Bern!

Cannabis Laws in Bern

Police in Bern won't give you such a hard time when it comes to weed.

All activities that are related to cannabis with more than 1% of THC are strictly regulated and illegal in Switzerland on paper. In practice, cannabis is decriminalized, and you are allowed to have at least 10 grams or less on yourself. If the police catch you, you may need to pay a 100$ fine. Nevertheless, the police aren’t very strict and don’t carry out this law all the time.

Bern is one of those cities in Switzerland where smoking cannabis is acceptable by the people and the police. Most police officers won’t give you headaches even if they see you smoking. But, always make sure not to smoke in public, crowded places for extra safety.

Also, the cannabis situation is getting brighter for Bern, as the officials are experimenting with launching cannabis smoking clubs, which would essentially make smoking legal inside the clubs.

Basically, the authorities won’t give you many problems if they catch you smoking the herb, just make sure not to get caught in a crowded public place.

Where to Get Weed in Bern

You can definitely score some weed in Retschule, just be careful that you don't get ripped off!

You can bring a smile on your face as getting cannabis in Bern is really simple, whether you want the legal weed or decriminalized weed.

Bern is full of parks filled with young people hanging out. Stroll around the city and through the parks. Soon after, you will probably smell the scent of marijuana. Approach the people who are smoking politely, and it’s a huge chance that they will hook you up with a connection or even with some cannabis on-site!

One other place where you can score cannabis in Bern is Reitschule. Just watch out that you don’t get ripped off there!

You can also buy legal weed that has THC levels lower than 1%. At least, this weed is high in CBD, which provides some awesome medical effects. Just find the nearest headshop and ask for legal weed.

So, you have lots of choices when it comes to cannabis in Bern, both legal and illegal.

Cannabis Prices in Bern

The price for weed in Bern is reasonable enough.

The price for the buds is variable and depends on how legitimate your connection is. Expect to pay 10$ per gram of reasonable quality cannabis.

You can also score hashish in Bern, as it is widespread over the city. Expect to pay around 6$ per gram of hash.

If you want to buy legal weed with low amounts of THC, you can get 10 grams for 25$. This weed has 0,4% of THC and 7% of CBD and is also deliverable to your doorstep.

Cannabis in Bern is still illegal, but the police and general population aren’t very conservative when it comes to that topic. Use your common sense when in Bern, and make sure to enjoy this amazing historical city!

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