Ultimate Guide on Weed in Berlin

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Berlin is a real example of a modern urban city with high living standards that has a lot to offer to a tourist, and especially when we talk about weed in Berlin. The city has many parts, and each one of them has its own vibe. You’ll need a lot of time to explore each one of them and we promise you, it is worth it!

It is hard to find any similar destination that is rich with history, art, graffiti, and nightlife, as Berlin! I am sure that you already wonder is it easy to get weed in Berlin, as a tourist.

You don’t need to panic, because Berlin is also a city filled with weed-friendly people and we’ll try to help you find them.

Still, I would advise you to take care, because it is not legal, and everything you do, you are doing on your own risk.

I know that you are experienced in staying out of danger, but I will give you more information about cannabis legal status in Berlin.

It makes me jealous even thinking about going to Berlin! I promise you, it will be one of the best times your life!

Keep reading, and find all the answers you need to get some good herb for safe, and fulfilled travel experience!

Cannabis Law in Berlin

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Cannabis is becoming more and more popular in the world, and Germany follows the trend. Medicinal marijuana is legal as of 2015. You can buy and consume it legally if you have a prescription from a German doctor. As for recreational use, laws are still pretty harsh over there, but things are moving ahead! In 2017. Germany started producing their weed among Netherlands, Italy and Chech Republic so the situation about marijuana in Germany is very optimistic.

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We advise you not to smoke weed in Berlin on public places or within reach of other people. While the police are trying to do their job and catch the real lawbreakers, they won’t hesitate to arrest you for smoking. Always remember that marijuana is illegal in Berlin and Germany as a whole. If you happen to get caught for possession, you’re going to have to go to the police for some time.

First, you’ll get questioned, then you will have to provide them your personal information and face photo, and after that, you’re going to be released. Do not get surprised when you receive a legal notice on your front door a few weeks later. So the situation is, if you get caught with less than 11 grams you will get prosecuted, but the charges are dropped for most people because it is considered as a „small amount.“

Where to Buy Weed in Berlin

Are you coming to Berlin by bus, train or plane? There is your first chance to find weed in Berlin.

Order the taxi near the station, and just try with a taxi driver, if your intuition tells you so. Berlin has a lot of drug taxi cabs, and it is very easy to get drugs in a taxi.

Use this technique if you are in a hurry, and just want to get it as soon as possible. Otherwise, I do not recommend buying from taxi drivers, because they will rip you off.

Maybe it is better to check in first at your hotel, get some rest, and prepare for sightseeing!

When buying weed in Berlin, always check your product before you pay because there is a lot of shady guys everywhere in the world and especially in Berlin. Berliners are pretty open-minded people so try to ask someone young on the streets of Berlin where to find weed. If you see a rasta looking guy ask him, he’ll probably have a lovely personality and maybe the most delightful grass.

Favorite places that weed-dealers like to go is Hasenheide or Görlitzer Park. Those places are also crowded with tourists so you can expect someone is going to approach you and ask you if you need some weed. Take care of the police that often raids those places, so we advise you to be pretty stealthy when trying to get weed over there.

Weed Prices in Berlin

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Cannabis prices in Berlin are pretty reasonable for European standards. For a gram of mid-quality weed expect to pay around 10 euros. You can surely ask for some above mid-range quality weed, but you’re going to pay as much.

Other Information

You can get your hands on everything in Berlin, from low quality to premium quality weed and hash. If you know the right people consider yourself happy because you may get the top-notch weed. Have a nice trip and a lot of blazin’!

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