Getting & Smoking Weed in Basel (2019)

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Planning to visit Basel soon? Wondering about how to find and where to smoke weed in Basel? You’re just in the right place!

Basel is the third-largest city in Switzerland that is settled on the Rhine river. This city is really close to France and Germany. Regardless of that, it has its own distinct identity. It is called the City of Art, as it has over 40 museums, a modern architectural style, and a wonderful Old Town. Basel attracts lots of tourists every year because of its distinct flavor.

This city has 300 days of sunshine, and what is the better way to enjoy that fact than with a joint in your hand?

Keep on reading to find out more about cannabis regulations in Switzerland and how to score weed in Basel!

Cannabis Laws in Basel

Cannabis laws in Basel aren't so strict for those who keep their heads down.

Cannabis in Switzerland is illegal but is decriminalized since 2012. That means that the possession of fewer than 10 grams of weed won’t be looked like a criminal offense. If you get caught by the authorities, you may get punished by a 100 CHF fine (100$). Selling cannabis and possession of more than 4 kilograms of marijuana or hashish are punishable by 1-3 years in jail.

From 2017, police have started to implement the new federal court law in which they do not pursue those possessing small amounts of cannabis. Actually, you will only get in trouble if you smoke cannabis and get caught.

Also, it is good to know that cannabis with less than 1% of THC is considered legal, and can be cultivated and sold freely on the market. Any strain that has more than 1% of THC is considered illegal and is prone to legal prosecution.

Medical cannabis is legal in Switzerland, but you will need a recipe for some high-tier medicaments.

Specifically in Basel, the authorities will tolerate the possession of up to 30 grams of weed, which should be more than enough for personal consumption for a while.

Make sure not to smoke weed in public, as you may attract some unwanted attention. Rather limit yourself to secluded spots and to the comfort of your accommodation or home.

Where to Get Weed in Basel

Klein Basel is the place to go if you want to score weed here easily.

You can find cannabis all over Basel. Well, that is true if you know where to look. Of course, if you have some reliable connection, these are your best bet to find some quality cannabis in Basel.

The easiest place to score marijuana in Basel is by the Rhine river in Klein Basel district. This district is between Johanniterbrücke and Mittlere Brücke bridges. You can find groups of African and Moroccan people alongside the river that sell cannabis and hashish. In summer, it is even easier to score weed there.

The quality of cannabis will vary greatly. Some groups will offer you Swiss outdoor-grown weed. If you ask nicely, you may have some luck, and find some great skunk grown indoors. Hashish is common in Basel but isn’t of great quality like cannabis buds.

Cannabis Prices in Basel

Cannabis prices in Basel are bit more expensive.

For 50$, you can get 3,5 grams of outdoor weed or 2-3 grams of indoor weed. Getting your hands on smaller amounts isn’t a problem, you can get a gram of indoor weed for 20$.

Hashish is about the same price as cannabis buds for the same amount, but most dealers will want to haggle with you. This is especially true if you buy in bulk.

So, if you want to smoke some potent cannabis in Basel, it shouldn’t be to get your hands on some. You can also buy legal cannabis with less than 1% of THC on markets and smoke shops.

Remember, if you are smoking cannabis with more than 1% of THC in Basel, keep your head down and don’t smoke in public. We hope that you enjoy Basel, as it is an immensely beautiful and unique city.

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