Ultimate Guide on Weed in Barcelona

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Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, one of the most important regions of Spain. It is a truly wondrous city, with magnificent architecture, vibe, and people. Catalonia is a beautiful region that will amaze you with its extraordinary landscapes and the Mediterranean Sea.

Barcelona is filled with tourists every year that are amazed by attractions like Sagrada Família, Park Güell and many more. The cultural importance of Barcelona to Spain is undeniable. Barcelona also offers a vibrant nightlife, one of the best in Europe actually. All these things considered, it’s no wonder that there are a lot of tourists coming to Barcelona each year.

When there are a lot of tourists around, there is a lot of weed around too.

Keep reading this article as we will give you an ultimate breakdown on where to get weed in Barcelona.

Cannabis Law in Barcelona

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Weed in Barcelona is practically decriminalized. Smoking in a private place like your “home” or cannabis clubs isn’t considered illegal. That means that you can have peace of mind while smoking weed in Barcelona – if smoking in private areas.

You can legally purchase 100 grams at cannabis clubs. That translates to 50 grams of weed and 50 grams of hash.

The situation with the public places is a little different in Barcelona. This isn’t Amsterdam, where the police will turn a blind eye when they see a blunt in your mouth. In Barcelona, police will gladly stop you when they see you smoking weed.

You can have up to 7 grams of cannabis on yourself, and even then you’ll be fined with a 500€ fine or even more. The thing to know is that owning this amount isn’t a criminal offense, so you pay up, and you’re free to go.

Have more than 7 grams on yourself, and you can get into serious trouble. Also, if the police see you trading money on the street and you have a significant amount of weed on yourself – you could get 1-2 years of jail and a huge fine. That’s because police will see that situation as your intention to distribute marijuana.

There are some useful safety tips to know about dealing with police and weed in Barcelona. You can carry weed around in your underwear – police in Barcelona need the warrant to search your underwear. When the police catch you with weed on yourself, you have a right to remain silent and don’t have to sign any papers.

All these things considered, you can virtually smoke weed in Barcelona care-free in cannabis clubs and other private places.

Beaches and parks are also relatively safe. Be careful, and always remember to keep your eyes open. Even though cannabis is virtually legal here, that doesn’t mean that you’re in Mecca of marijuana.

Where to Get Weed in Barcelona

Barcelona streets

As Barcelona is a tourist paradise, there are a lot of means of getting weed there. You have a choice to get some quick weed illegally or get it legally, which will take longer.

Weed culture in Barcelona is bustling these days, so you can easily find weed by just asking around other people. Clubs, parks, beaches – they are all places where you could get weed in Barcelona easily. La Rambla is the most popular place in Barcelona where you can get some street grade weed. When you get there, you’ll get approached by a dealer more often than you will need to approach them.

Cannabis clubs are a great alternative – legal and higher quality weed. The thing is, as they are places where cannabis consumption is legal, there are some law restrictions that you will have to obey.

Of course, you need to be at least 18 (or in some cases 21) years old even to get a chance to join a cannabis club.

Then, there is the process of actually joining the club. You don’t walk in a cannabis club as you do in a coffee shop in Amsterdam. Remember, this isn’t a public place. You need to request that you want to join, and you need someone to refer you who is already from the club. Thankfully, people in Barcelona are friendly in nature, so it isn’t hard to get referred to a cannabis club.

You will need your ID or passport to join, and also an address (you can choose virtually any address in Barcelona). You need to pay around 20-50€ for a membership, which isn’t that much considering that it’s an annual membership.

There are over 200 cannabis clubs in Barcelona, so getting to weed there shouldn’t be a problem. The best cannabis clubs in Barcelona are:

  • Marijuana Barcelona
  • Purple Dragon
  • Barcelona Coffeeshop

Cannabis Prices in Barcelona

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The quality of weed in Barcelona is quite high. Another great thing to know is that the prices of cannabis are much lower than in the rest of Europe.

From cannabis clubs, you can get 1 gram of quality weed for 8€ and 2 grams for 15€. You can expect that the weed from a cannabis club will be quite strong, as it is, in most cases, cultivated by the club itself. The thing to know is that cannabis clubs in Barcelona vary in quality and style, so don’t expect to get a great deal every time.

Keep in mind that you won’t get weed in cannabis clubs if you want to “buy” or “sell.” As cannabis clubs are strictly nonprofit organizations, they use “get” and “acquire” instead.

All the money you give to the club is used to improve the club itself and sustain the cultivation of weed. When you’re in a club, you’re treated equally as other members, so treat other members the same way.

On the street level, expect the quality of weed to be lower, and the prices to be lower too. You can get some decent quality weed on the street, 5 grams to be specific, for 18€.

More Information

One another thing to know about joining a cannabis club is that you’ll have to wait a bit before you’re actually a member. You need to pass an interview, and the application process can be as long as three days. A more easier method is to join these clubs online, and some clubs even feature Facebook applications (Purple Dragon).

When you get weed in a cannabis club, you can only smoke there, and you can also get a maximum amount of 5 grams per day.

Some cannabis clubs promote themselves on the street and offer better deals. This is considered illegal, as cannabis clubs are non-profit organizations. In the end, it’s your decision who will you support.

Now that we’ve cleared up what the weed situation in Barcelona is like, we implore you to embrace yourself in the culture of Barcelona.

Light up, and relax!


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