Ultimate Guide on Weed in Bangkok

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If you’re an adventurous soul who is curious about the world, the chances are huge that you’re already traveling the world. What could be a better way to discover the diversity and rich culture than visiting Thailand’s capital city Bangkok?

Bangkok is a vibrant city that radiates with energy wherever you go. Travelers who’re curious about learning about different cultures and traditions to gain new perspectives on the world will definitely find this mega-city attractive. The city is popular for its temples, Buddha sculptures, street food stands, crazy nightlife and extra cheap prices.

What could be a better way to explore this culture-rich city than getting and smoking some weed? Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Keep reading as we’re going to provide you with complete information on getting and smoking weed in Bangkok.

Cannabis Law in Thailand 

Weed in Bangkok, like in any other region of Thailand, is strictly illegal.

Any activity related to cannabis is strictly regulated and illegal in Thailand and you must be aware that police officers actually treat weed as a hard drug. If you get caught with any amount of cannabis on yourself, in the worst case scenario, you will end up in prison or pay a huge fine. It’s hardly any case recorded that tourist ends up in a prison for possession of small amounts, but if you have huge amounts, you can expect a hard time.

The thing is that Thailand isn’t in the best economic position and police officers are underpaid which means there is a huge level of corruption. It means that, in most cases, you can buy yourself a ticket out of trouble. Be polite and respectful when talking with officers and you’ll most likely make a deal with the cop.

Where to Buy Cannabis in Bangkok

tuk tuk driver
Tuk-tuk drivers will always be able to help you or will know someone who can help.

The best way to score a decent quality weed is by knowing local people in the city. If you’re new in the city, simply take a trip with a tuk-tuk and ask a driver if he can help you or knows anyone. Many times, you’ll end up smoking weed with the driver and his friends.

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Another interesting, but effective way is by checking the backpacking hostels on Kawa-San Street. This street is full of younger tourists and guest houses so it will be really easy to score some potent weed. Try out Trok Mayom, a small street near Khao San Road where the nightlife scene is on point.

It’s pretty easy to score decent quality cannabis in Bangkok, even if it’s highly illegal!

Cannabis Prices in Bangkok

The prices are very low compared to the western world, but you can expect a way lower quality also. The most usual price rate is 500THB (around $15) for a brick-compressed weed. You will be able to roll around 5 medium-sized joints, but the quality isn’t the best. It’s advisable to always negotiate about the price as Thai people have that in their culture.

If you prefer to smoke hashish, you can find it in Bangkok, but a bit harder as you need to have connections. The price usually starts at 300THB for a small brick of hashish that comes from Nepal regions.

Other Information

Cannabis in Bangkok is extremely easy to get

Getting and smoking weed in Bangkok is relatively easy, even if you don’t know anyone. Be careful when being involved in any weed-related activity as cannabis is strictly regulated and illegal in Thailand. Use your common sense and don’t smoke in public places, but rather in parks or secluded places and you’ll be fine.

Enjoy your stay!

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