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Weed in Cusco

Getting Weed in Cusco, Peru (Dec. 2019)

Cusco, or often pronounced Cuzco, is one of the most essential Peruvian cities that’s an unavoidable destination for every traveler. The reason? A sacred historical site Machu Picchu along with Sacred Valley, is located in the surrounding Andes. The majority of travelers stay in Cusco only for a tiny period until their departure to Machu…

Getting & Smoking Weed in Cape Town (2019)

Getting & Smoking Weed in Cape Town (2019)

Visiting the sun-soaked capital of South Africa? Wondering where to find weed in Cape Town? You are in the right place then! Cape Town is, hands down, one of the most beautiful cities on the globe. One of the most liveable urban cities on the world sits just beside the Atlantic Ocean and in the…

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